Addressing Health Disparities

Office of Research Affairs

UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville faculty physicians participate in advanced clinical trials to provide patients the latest in diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitative services, applied research programs and translational and basic science research. In addition, we have motivated researchers who have a longstanding commitment to addressing health disparities, community engagement and social determinants of health.

The Dean’s Office for Health Care Excellence and Organizational Enrichment will work with the Office of Research Affairs to support these efforts even more. To that end, the Office of Research Affairs is exploring strategies to increase investments (financial and otherwise) in the area of health equity.

Urban Health Alliance

Nationwide, academic health centers have been using their expertise and resources to transform the health of area neighborhoods. At UF Health Jacksonville, the Urban Health Alliance of Jacksonville will serve as a vehicle to improve the health of this community. The alliance will act as a convener to establish and maintain equitable, impactful and sustainable partnerships with community stakeholders. These partnerships will strengthen our initiative to promote research targeting health equity.

Center for Health Equity & Engagement Research

The Center for Health Equity and Engagement Research, or CHEER, aligns with UF Health’s strategic priority to facilitate research that leads to greater health equity.

CHEER is a central hub for research and community engagement activities that focus on improving equity, especially among underserved populations. It provides access to resources and expertise that foster research and education efforts to empower residents, clinicians, organizations and communities, and builds on a longstanding university commitment to promote health equity research using patient-centered and community engagement models.