UF Office of Chief Diversity Officer

Marsha McGriff, Ed.D.
Marsha McGriff, Ed.D.


Building Inclusive Excellence at UF: A Three-Year Plan, 2022-2025

Year 1

Understanding the Current Landscape

  • Building on the self-assessments completed through the APLU Aspire IChange and AAAS SEA Change initiatives, we will contract with external subject matter experts to develop a comprehensive, objective, and evidence-based assessment of the current DEI landscape at UF
  • In addition to quantitative and qualitative assessments, this analysis will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the DEI space at UF

Year 2

Creating an Institutional Equity and Inclusion Blueprint

  • Rather than a detailed strategic plan, we will develop a values-based blueprint outlining clear, actionable, and achievable themes that will serve as guideposts for the detailed work that will occur in the colleges and business units
  • After feedback from campus stakeholders and reviewing data and reports from Year 1 activities, the blueprint may include focus areas such as:
    • Recruitment and retention
    • Climate and culture
    • Training and curriculum
    • DEI infrastructure (institutional policies, procedures, and practices)
    • Celebrating our successes

Year 3

Supporting an Inclusive Climate and Culture

  • With a clear understanding of our strengths and weaknesses and with a solid framework in place, we will turn our attention to climate and culture in year 3
  • An inclusive climate and culture will be the engine that will drive our success in the DEI space
  • Our goal is to build a culture that students, faculty, and staff from all communities and walks of life are eager to join and will work to sustain

Marsha McGriff, Ed.D.
Chief Diversity Officer
University of Florida

Lakesha Butler, Pharm.D.

June 27, 2022

UF Health chief diversity officer

Lakesha Butler, Pharm.D., a professor of pharmacy practice and director of diversity, equity and inclusion at Southern Illinois University deeply trained in facilitating diversity-related discussion and policy change, has been named UF Health’s associate vice president for inclusion, diversity and health equity and chief diversity officer.